Growing Up with Siblings

One day (long ago), i found the hashtag #GrowingUpWithSiblings on Twitter. That tickled me to click it and comment them, haha.




Mas Fajar: “Tuh yang cewek kayak Lily”

Lily: ………………

Semua karakter cewek, seringnya yang judes dan galak-galak, bukan yang manis-manis, pasti di-Lily-in. ……….

Yea i forgive you guys cz no sister else you could point to. Hm.

2) Capture2

Happened to snacks mom brought from Arisan/Pengajian.

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was a gloomy year. passed it with extra-heart, extra-tears, extra-sweat.

Never imagined before,

that his little smile becomes my happiness, his glances thru my eyes bloom my smile, his voice becomes one i wait for so hard, glow in his eyes becomes something i want to keep every second, moments i can’t stand by his side are times full of worrying.

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Few days ago i repeatedly visit G (w my friend) for some reason. But it was only a short visit. So i am craving for coming back.

G has been my number one favorite spot for my entire life, oh so exaggerate haha. I knew G since i was a kid, my dad who’s always took me there. He is a hard read-er and Gramedia Blok M was his only answer to get all he wants to read. So since back then, i am starting to love G. Continue reading

Cadar gurl in Japanese eyes

My bosses are Japanese, one of ’em is pretty young and close enough to me so we can chit-chat about any outside-work-related thing. As far as i know him, i never knew what his religion is and never wanted to ask. But one day, i knew what his. Call him Fulan-san.

One day, we (me: Moslem, Fulan-san: unknown, and Jo: Christian) attended an activity in the school which is based on Christian belief. In the earlier session, they (the participant) used some minutes to pray. I chose to get my self out till they’re done. Jo said “Tuh, sama Fulan-san.” Oh then i just realized that Fulan-san isn’t a Christian. I thought maybe he is a Buddhist.

At the outside, Fulan-san asked me,

F: “Kalau Islam berdoanya berbeda sama Kristen?”

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2016 September 10th

Before leaving home for school, or for whatever, me and brothers get used to “pamitan” to our parents. Salim (shake a hand?) and saying “Assalamualaykum!” (even only 3 last letters which come out of our mouth) have been becoming a habit. Beside answer the greeting, mom also reminds us to recite “bismillahi tawakaltu”, alias doa keluar dari rumah.

Assalamualaykum means “may be peace upon you”, so it isn’t only a greeting but a prayer also for the opposite person, agar Allah memberi keselamatan & kesejahteraan. Saying assalamualaykum is a sunnah, we cud say it or not. BUT once we heard that, we must to answer it. So what is obligatory is answering salam, not saying it. Lagian kalau kamu didoakan keselamatan oleh orang lain, masa sih gak mau doain balik? I believe a prayer which repeated over  will be granted. So don’t underestimate it.

Last morning, i left home

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Ganeca 10’s Nightmare

March 28, 2016


This web page was a nightmare for (me) some students. Some of ’em hope or surrender. When the end of semester comes, their struggling (and sleeping) during 3-4 previous months will be appreciated by a number, usually three digits. I, specifically, ever cried a lot for both sadness and happiness because of them. So, i miss that feeling when opening this webpage. But, Continue reading